FAIRCHILD Bid Farewell to Manchester
17 Nov 2016 by Canvas Sounds

FAIRCHILD Bid Farewell to Manchester

Alas, the year is drawing to a close, the smell of roasted chestnuts has begun to fill the streets and our favourite bodacious Fairchildren are playing a final Manchester show at Soup Kitchen on November 19th, supported by Young Monarch, High Tide 15:47 and Carnival Club! This will be your last chance to make these reprobates reconsider their plans to prematurely evacuate from the Motherland. Perhaps you could stage a silent protest or a hunger strike? Or maybe begin circulation for an online petition? Even better, you could bake them a chloroform cake in the shape of a dying kangaroo with the phrase 'Good Luck in Australia' masterfully frosted in calligraphy across its broken back. Once ingested, you could hide their sleeping bodies in that tiny room you use to dry your clothes because you're too poor to afford that sweet dryer/washer combo from Currys. You could keep FAIRCHILD as little dry cleaners for the rest of your life.

Just consider the possibilities before you shoot another plan down. You've always been quite negative haven't you? 

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