Chasing the Dream
25 Jan 2016 by Patchy

Chasing the Dream

Just under a year ago, a group of guys from the warm and sunny Gold Coast thought it would be a fantastic idea to give up all the stability and security provided by our homes and careers and move to the cold and gloomy city of Manchester in pursuit of what some may refer to as ‘the dream’. But before I continue, what exactly is ‘the dream’? In simple Australian terms, ‘fuck knows’ would be the most accurate answer, but I will try to elaborate. For some, ‘the dream’ may be the ability to ‘chill’ on a yacht in the Bahamas for 6 months of each year, whilst others may simply be satisfied with having to fight off paparazzi when going down to the local Wetherspoons. For me, I think it’s much simpler than that.

This topic interests me because when you talk to someone about the things you’ve seen and done with the band, you’re almost always guaranteed to hear ‘you guys must be living the dream!’. I mean sure, what we’ve been able to experience sure sounds kinda cool, but I assure you it’s definitely through no lack of suffering. I’m talking suffering like it’s a ‘fuck this I’m out!’ kinda thing. I guess it seems that for your stereotypical musician, life looks great! You write, rehearse, perform, get fondled by groupies, get drunk, repeat. You do this as a full time job, and as a result, you get money from shows, record sales and sometimes the odd pocket money from grandparents. This is all while doing something you absolutely love. Plus, partying is pretty much mandatory! Perfect!

Nope. Money from shows barely covers the cost of transport and no one buys your music anyway so you’re pretty much left with a negative balance after everything you do. To make up for these things, and enable ourselves to pay for things like rent and food (yes, musicians are humans too), we have to work! Having to work itself isn’t a problem, it’s the 8-10 hours a day you don’t get to spend on writing the next hit. It also usually means you are pushed well into the night trying to squeeze band practice and other band related responsibilities that come up. On top of this, having to endure the wrath of a girlfriend because you’ve either been in the studio for too long, or you’ve taken all your annual leave for a tour (and have none left for a romantic getaway) is terrifying. I’m sure none of you can doubt that making your girlfriend angry is the surest way to having your soul crushed. There are actually some people that do understand that it’s not always easy, but they usually then go on to say something along the lines of ‘you are wasting your time, find a real job!’. Yeah, thanks for the support!

So, why haven’t we taken the easy way out by giving up and living comfortably? The simple answer is, we love it. Yes, the hardships can sound pretty extreme (I can assure you it totally sucks when you have a decent job but still have to count your pennies because the last studio session cost so damn much), but nothing beats the feeling of listening to that newly mixed or mastered track that you’ve poured your heart and soul into over countless hours, or getting up on that stage and not caring about anything except your instrument and the lads beside you. It’s a completely different world up on that stage and every moment for me is what I call living the dream. For some of us, this is all we’ve known for a long time. Adam, Tim and I were in the band back in a time when we probably didn’t really care that we were in a band. I’m talking 2005/06 when we could only play Snow Patrol covers and we were all thinking of joining the army. Oh how music could have potentially saved us! I know for a fact that when graduating high school, the last thing I would have seen me doing in 10 years was moving to the UK for music. We have come an extremely long way from our days at Aquinas College and, while it’s not always smooth sailing, we’ve still got our instruments and we’ve got each other. That’s all we could ever ask for!

For your reference, I have provided some examples of why we do the things we do!

PS I have nothing against Manchester! I love this city but I do miss the sun…


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