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FAIRCHILD Live @ Hoxton Square (London)

FAIRCHILD Live @ Hoxton Square (London)

18 Aug 2016 by Canvas Sounds
Do FAIRCHILD really deserve another gig announcement? So much time spent googling synonyms for every overused indie buzzwords, like 'haunting', 'sophisticated' and 'enigmatic'. So much time spent making references to obscure garments, like jodhpurs, camisoles and tunics. Do we really have to go down this road again? My indentured servitude is wearing thin. Okay here goes. On August 19 FAIRCHILD...
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Robbie Cavanagh Performs for OAW

Robbie Cavanagh Performs for OAW

30 May 2016 by Canvas Sounds
For OAW #7, tenor-toned, Dixie strumming songster, Robbie Cavanagh swings by Manchester’s Northern Quarter with a couple’a pretty ditties in his heart and a self-devised, surname rhyme scheme we can only assume makes him more endearing to the fiddle-playing, country-lovin’ hoedown crowds of yesteryear.   Bathed in the glow of humming house lights and his eponymous theatre marquee sign most likel...
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08 Aug 2016 by Canvas Sounds
FAIRCHILD are gearing up to tour the motherland with indie Brooklynites MOTHXR (you know they're indie because their band name substitutes a vowel for a rarely used consonant). Starting at Manchester'...
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Lyon Apprentice Perform For OAW

07 Apr 2016 by Canvas Sounds
For OAW #6 bewhiskered brothers Lyon Apprentice grace a music store showroom floor with a tandem duet on a shiny grand piano way out of their skill or price range. Looking as though they’ve halfway re...
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My Top 5 Sad Bastard Songs

11 Jun 2016 by Jordan Lawrence
I have a huge, raging penchant for all things sad bastard. There, I said it. Every time I sit down to write a song I attempt to mine another nugget of melancholy from the already ravaged quarry of my ...
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Chasing the Dream

25 Jan 2016 by Patchy
Just under a year ago, a group of guys from the warm and sunny Gold Coast thought it would be a fantastic idea to give up all the stability and security provided by our homes and careers and move to t...
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5 Important Things to Know Before Working at The Royal London Hospital

14 Jan 2016 by Adam Lyons
I had already made up my mind that I wasn’t a big fan of London. So when I rolled into Euston station on a Sunday night with a pocket full of change and the looming prospect of starting a new job ...
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30 Nov 2015 by Canvas Sounds
This is how it feels to be one of eleven uprooted Aussies hunting the elusive rock and roll dream in Manchester. For the better part of a year we’ve made music, partied hard and built new lives in the...
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